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Listed below are many different softwares that are absolutely free. I have personally used alot of these softwares and alot of them i would find it hard to live with out. Please report any dead or misleading links by using the form on the contact page.

  "Mozilla / FireFox "

This is by far the best browser in the world! Download it if your tired of Internet Explorer sucking. Click the picture to download.

serif photo, serif photo free download, shnizzy.com   "Serif Photo"

This is the best Program for cropping, resizing, and switching file formats of Photo's. I use this program every day! If you are going to save a photo after using it in this program click on file the export optimizer (never save the manipulated photo over itself) After you download fill out the form and they will E-Mail you a Registration code.
  Different Versions  

ulead gif animator, ulead gif animator free download, shnizzy.com   "Ulead Gif Animator"

Ulead is awesome for making pictures, putting text over top of pictures and doing all kinds of cool stuff with photos and short movies. I use this to design photos on allmost all of my websites.
  Different Versions  

bullet proof ftp, bulletproof free download, shnizzy.com   "BulletProof FTP"

Bulletproof ftp is a very good ftp! This is all i have ever used and i could not live with out this program. I am not sure if you have a fee trial with these downloads or what. I use version 2.45 and i have a serial and it runs like a dream. Please do not ask me for a copy of my serial i will not give it to you, if you can't live with out the full version then buy it or find you a serial somewhere like on a P2P.
  Different Versions  
2.15 2.45 2.52 2.6.1

ares peer 2 peer, ares free download, shnizzy.com   "Ares Peer 2 Peer"

This is the best P2P in the world you just have to find the version that works best with your pc, once you find the one that works for you there is no P2P thats better. Remember to click no to the browser choice during the download.
  Different Versions  
2.0.9 1.8.1 2.0.7
1.8.8 1.8 1.9
2.0.5 2.0